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MultBox.Ucoz.Ru » Мультфильмы, фильмы, саундтреки » Песни и тексты песен из мультфильмов и фильмов » Труп невесты / Corpse Bride

According To Plan
[ · Скачать (9.31 Мб) ] 17.04.2010, 19:42

- It's a beautiful day
- It's a rather nice day
A day for a glorious wedding

A rehearsal, my dear
To be perfectly clear
A rehearsal for a glorious wedding
Assuming nothing happens
That we don't really know
That nothing unexpected
Interferes with the show
And that's why everything
Every last little thing   
Every single, tiny, microscopic little thing
Must go
- According to plan
- Our son will be married        
- According to plan
- Our family carried
Elevated to the heights of society
- To the costume balls
- In the hallowed halls      
Rubbing elbows with the finest      
Having crumpets with Her Highness
We'll be there, we'll be seen
Having tea with the queen  
We'll forget everything
That we've ever, ever been

- Blimey! It's my dress is caught.
- Begging your pardon, ma'am.
- Come on, dear.
- It's not me. It's my dress is caught.  
Where is Victor? We might be late.
Fish merchants.
- It's a terrible day
- Now, don't be that way
It's a terrible day for a wedding        
It's a sad, sad state of affairs we're in
That has led to this ominous wedding

How could our family have come to this?       
To marry off our daughter
To the nouveau riche
- They're so common
- So coarse
- Oh, it couldn't be worse
- Couldn't be worse? I'm afraid I disagree          
They could be land-rich,
Bankrupt aristocracy        
Without a penny to their name           
Just like you and me            
Oh, dear.
And that's why everything
Every last little thing
Every single, tiny, microscopic little thing
Must go
- According to plan
- Our daughter will wed           
- According to plan
- Our family led
From the depths of deepest poverty    
- To the noble realm
- Of our ancestry
And who would have guessed
In a million years  
- That our daughter with a face
- Of an otter in disgrace      
Would provide our ticket
To a rightful place
Oh, Hildegarde.
What if Victor and I
don't like each other?
As if that has anything
to do with marriage.
Do you suppose your father and I
like each other?
Surely you must a little?
- Of course not.
- Of course not.   
Get those corsets laced properly.  
I can hear you speak without gasping.
You've certainly hooked a winner
this time, Victor.
- Now, all you have to do is reel her in.
- I'm already reeling, Mother.
Shouldn't Victoria Everglot
be marrying a lord or something?
Oh, nonsense! We're every bit
as good as the Everglots.    
I always knew I deserved better
than a fish merchant's life.           
But I've never even spoken to her.          
Well, at least we have that
in our favor.
Mayhew! Silence that blasted coughing.        
Marriage is a partnership,
a little tit for tat.          
You'd think a lifetime watching us...    
Might have taught her that

- Might have taught her that
- Everything must be perfect   
- Everything must be perfect
- Everything must be perfect     

That's why everything      
Every last little thing
Every single, tiny, microscopic little thing
Must go        
According to plan

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